At the heart of owning a Thermomix is the Thermomix Recipes. When you buy a Thermomix, you aren’t just buying a kitchen appliance – you’re buying into a whole world of fantastic Thermomix recipes! Your Thermomix comes with ‘The Basic Cookbook’ in both hardback and digital recipe chip format, to help get you started straight away. Browsing your Thermomix recipes can be done right on the touchscreen of your Thermomix and once you’ve decided what to make, Thermomix will take you step-by-step through the recipe on screen. It’s also easy to meet other passionate users who will also share their recipes, ideas and inspire you to create new delicious recipes every single day.

Recipe chips

Attach your Recipe Chip to your Thermomix® and follow the simple step by step instructions on the screen to create amazing dishes.


Over the past years our team has been compiling a list of many amazing recipes from many different places.